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This program was written with the only purpose: to check the users claims about frequent lost of Firebird database connections that were not confirmed by other simple methods, such as ping.

The program algorithm is very simple: it connects to database and do the set of SQL queries in defined period of time. The total execution time of SQL sets is registered in protocol.

If database connection was lost – this is also registered in protocol and program tries to restore connect to database. After connection was restored, the testing continues.

Main program window

To run the testing – press [Start], to finish – press [Stop].

Before the next run the program clears the protocol (table at right).

To save the protocol in text file – press [Save].

Configuration parameters

Database: full database path for connection testing

User and Password: login and password for Firebird server

SQL: query to execute

Period (sec): time interval (in seconds) between query sets

Amount queries: amount of SQL queries in one set

With the configuration at the screenshot above the program will perform 100 SQL queries «select 1 from rdb$database» each second and records its total execution time in the table.

Table columns

Time: date-time of the SQL set execution (synchronized with the server time)

Value: total execution time of the queries set (in milliseconds)

Error: error message (about lost connection) – if exists

Data analysis

By changing SQL query and amount of queries in the set, one could change the testing accent: shift it to the server response (some hard queries) or to network capacity (a lot of short queries).

Daytime monitoring could highlight moments of peak load on server or network.

Running monitoring simultaneously on several client computers could localize the bottlenecks in the system: do clear whether slow work is caused by server problems or by network.

Here is the example of 3 client computers monitoring. One could see the long server response at 19:02, however it did not lead to loss of connection (no error messages in protocol).

The utility works under Windows 98 or higher and needs Firebird client library (GDS32.DLL) installed.


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