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Firebird database Backup / Restore

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Very simple utility for backup and restore Firebird databases. For inexperienced users.

FBBackup Screenshot

The utility works under Windows 98 or higher and needs Firebird client installed (GDS32.DLL).

To start:

  • select the work mode: Backup or Restore,
  • specify the database path,
  • specify the backup file path (during backup file is created at the server, and during restore file is read from the server, so this path must be relative to server file system)
  • specify the user Login (SYSDBA is recommended) and password to Firebird server
  • if necessary, select the additional options:
    • Metadata Only – backup or restore only metadata of database
    • Ignore Checksums – ignore checksums error during backup
    • Page Size – specify the database page size (restore only, 8192 is OK)
  • press START

During backup or restore, the utility outputs the verbose log that could be saved to a file.

All entered parameters (except password and additional options) are saved and restored at next utility start.


  • the utility works through Firebird services, so if you use Firebird server in classic mode, you need Firebird version 1.5.4 or higher
  • garbage collection during backup is turned off
  • you could restore database only to new file, you could not overwrite the existing database

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